In God's Glory

End 2013 and Enter 2014

Posted on: 31 December, 2013

Less than 25 hours, we will leave year of 2013 and enter the year of 2014…

Just remember that our Daddy God is NOT limited by time… He is limitless..
But 2000 years ago, He came as a man.. A Perfect Man, without sin into the human-timeline..
He became “God with us” – Immanuel

That’s why to leave 2013 and to enter 2014 is not talking about time… but is talking about Jesus Christ who was and is and always be as Perfect Man….WITH US.

Many people think and say: “…to pass year 2013 need to evaluate whatever failures and mistakes we made within this year..” In other words, it’s talking about ‘self-evaluation’…


For me, I believe:
“To pass year 2013, we need to SEE the Goodness of Daddy God through Jesus Christ within this year and not do self-evaluation by looking to our failures and mistakes… We need to look unto Jesus and ALL His goodness during the whole 2013..
And to enter year 2014, is all about BELIEVE that HE (Jesus) IS WITH US”

So, let us do JESUS’ Reflection, instead of Self-Reflection…..

Because God is with us – Immanuel…. FOREVER!



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