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Stay close to Me.
Let the blanket of My glory cover you.
Move closer.

Stay within the shadow I provide.
The enemy cannot see you,
but recognizes Me.

Stay near.
Do not stray from My word.
My word brings revelation
of Me and of what I am doing.

I will cover with what I have promised.
Within My shadow you have freedom.
Within My shadow there is safety
from the pestilence and terror that is yet to come.

My word is true,
in it is no uncertainty.
So draw near, and stay close to Me.


My people, My people, I have been watching and waiting for you to
advance to the place I have chosen for you. There is a place where
your vision is dim and that place is inside the four walls of your
thinking. The four walls will only limit your vision, and that limits
Me with your thinking. You must step outside to get a revelation from

When I spoke to Abraham I called him to step outside of his tent, so
he could see what I seen for his life. As long as he stayed inside the
tent, his vision was limited to what he could see. What I showed him
was beyond what he could imagine or think. He step outside to get a
revelation. If he would have stayed in the tent, he would not have
seen beyond the tent walls. I asked you today: What tent is keeping
you from seeing the vision I have for you? Come out! I say come out!

Step outside of your tent and tell Me what you see. What do you see
in regards to your ministry? What do you see in regards to yourself?
What do you see in regards to your business? What do you see in regards
to your family? Tell Me what do you see?

And as I, the Lord, reveal the vision to you, write it down and make
moves toward the vision. Even the smallest move will cause a combustion
of change. A change that will draw what you need for the vision. What
do you see?

I speak to you again and ask, what do you see? Do you see what I see!!


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