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Chuck Pierce and Mahesh Chavda:
“5769: A Year of GOODNESS in the Midst of SUFFERING
God Will Supply the Oil!… The Earth is Filled with the Goodness of the Lord!”

Dr. Ir. Niko Nyotoharardjo:

Tanggal 29 September 2008 ini pukul 18.01 wib, kita memasuki Tahun Baru menurut penanggalan Ibrani yang dinamakan Tahun SAMEKH TETH “5769”.

Angka 9 dalam huruf Ibrani digambarkan sebagai sebuah RAHIM.
Dalam pemikiran orang Ibrandi ‘design’ huruf TETH ini melambangkan penyatuan mempelai pria dengan mempelai wanita, suatu konsep tentang proses pembuahan.
Jadi, proses pembuahan, artinya mempelai pria dengan mempelai wanita disatukan oleh KASIH, dimana ada PROSES KEINTIMAN (INTIMACY) yang terus-menerus.
Angka 9 berbicara tentang 9 bulan kehamilan dan disempurnakan dengan sebuah kelahiran.

Secara Alkitabiah, angka 9 berbicara tentang BERBUAH-BUAH (9 buah Roh lihat Galatia 5:22-23).
Berarti dapat dikatakan bahwa Tahun Samekh Teth adalah tahun/musim berbuah-buah/melahirkan/perluasan/pelipatgandaan seperti dikatakan dalam Yohanes 15:7….

I am the One you seek. I am the fire that burns away the dross,
releasing pure gold. Do not fear the process, for I am in the fire
with you. It is I who have placed you there. Do not fear. Let Me have
My way and trust that I will never leave you. I will lead you though the fire. I will change you if you allow Me to have My way. Let the heat rise and let the flames roar. I am at work.
I am with you. You must walk though the fire to come into My refreshing.
Walk forth and do not fear. Do not wince. Do not look back at what burns
away, but allow the change. Allow the polishing. Allow Me to refine you
into the purest of treasures.

You are My treasure and My precious ones. You are Mine and I am with you.
Do not fear the fire for I am in the fire with you and I will lead you though it to glory.
I am the Refiner, and My fire burns with love for you.

If we abide in Him and His words abide in us, whatever we ask will be done! When we first come to know Jesus, we mainly know Him through the experiences of others or through the Word of God. But as we seek to know Him for who He is and develop a relationship with Him, we find a place of great power and authority in the supernatural realm. We can indeed do as God does, who “calls into being that which does not exist” (Romans 4:17).

Instead of spending all our time rebuking the enemy, we will find that when we are abiding in Him, we simply say the words and find the enemy fleeing. It is not us or our words that the enemy fears, but it is our connection to the Vine that terrifies him. As long as we will abide in Him, we have all the power we need. Our words have great power in the supernatural realm as we ABIDE IN CHRIST.

His Wisdom

Have you ever faced a problem and you just did not know what to do about it? Well, in Jesus, we find the answer to all life’s problems. He is our source of great wisdom. He has the answer to every question. He knows all and, as we abide in Him, we have access to all the wisdom of the ages. Our wisdom is only limited by our level of intimacy with Him.

It isn’t enough to just pray; to truly effect the realms of darkness, we must pray with the wisdom of the Lord. His wisdom can only be obtained by abiding in Him. When we try to acquire God’s wisdom through our own minds and methods, it becomes, at best, a perverted mess. We become puffed up and of little use to God.

As we abide in Christ, He shows us how to pray and who to pray for. And when we are led by His Spirit, we can effectively target the enemy. We can hit him with great accuracy and not wear ourselves out with repetitious, complicated prayers and methods. Jesus is all, and as we abide in Him, we have access to all that we need: all power, all wisdom and all strength.

Psalm 23 (paraphrased):

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall never be in want, because in Him I have all I need. My Loving Shepherd anticipates my needs and provides for me before I even know I am in lack. He leads me to places of blessing where I can rest. He restores my soul with His peace and comfort, and makes me righteous so that I may become one with Him.

I shall have no fear, because even in the face of death He prepares a feast of blessing for me to enjoy as my enemies look on in defeat. He gives me all I need and fills me with His power. His goodness and loving kindness are with me as I walk and live in Him. I will never ever leave Him, because He holds me close and keeps me walking with Himself. I will abide with Him forever!”


“Lord, we ask You to take down the walls of self-protection.”

We have learned how to build our walls, even in the House of the Lord, but we cry out for a vulnerability to allow the Lord to show us our own brokenness and humanity so we can see how big God is in the midst of it.

He doesn’t want us to assume that we should build a ministry and then God will come and fill it. We need to build our lives around the anointing that is in the depths of who we are. We need more of His presence. I pray that the Lord will show you if you have tried yourselves to carry His glory in your ministry, in your home meetings, or in your family.

Ears and Eyes Opened and Cleansed
We also need to cry out for our ears to be opened to hear what the Spirit is saying and pray that God will give us fresh revelation. We need to ask the Lord to take away spiritual deafness where we’ve assumed and have taken blueprint plans of man without going to God for fresh fire and unction.

We need to ask God for a cleansing where our ears have heard profanity, gossip, and slander. We must cry out that God will start to convict us of things that we hear that are illegal in the Spirit. We have even heard different people being assassinated in our midst. May God forgive us for listening and doing nothing or chiming in on the verbal assaults of other people.

We need to watch our eyes (eye gate), which are a window to the soul. God has called us to be a prophetic people who hear and speak the Lord’s heart, to be seers who see in the Spirit, and to be prophetic intercessors and watchmen. What we have seen, has placed “scales” of rebellion and independence over our eyes so many see with a dim vision. We must repent for seeing movies that are filled with violence, murder, and sexual perversion. We need to repent of every single thing that would cloud our ability to see with clarity and purity.

We also are to deal with our mouths, and ask God to make us fiery preachers with a prophetic unction in our homes, at work, and in our neighborhoods. Let’s ask the Lord to put a coal of fire on our mouths and to cleanse our mouths where we have “killed” people and ministries instead of bringing life and encouragement through our words.

We must also give Jesus our hands. Let His fire start to fall on our hands for an anointing of healing and miracles and deliverance. Let there be a purifying fire, so as we stand as Levites before the Lord, may there be a cleansing fire of His presence.

The Lord Says…
“Let Me purify your heart; let Me touch you by My Son.
Let me make you clean, so you’re a vessel that My glory can flow through.
Submit to My fire, and I will cause you to walk in purity.
Receive My fire; let it burn you clean.
Let Me restore the innocence of your childhood to you.
Let My fire come; let it burn you clean,
So that you may be the vessel of honor to Me.”

I feel that the Lord wants those of you who feel you’ve been in the “killing fields” of the church, your family, or work to come to Jesus with your deep pain and betrayals. It’s like seeing heavy boots coming against you, and I feel there has been a type of spiritual abuse that has come against many of you to keep you from moving into the prophetic and who you are in God.

God says that He has given you birthright, and He has called you.

A Powerful Prayer to Break Off Chains

“I break the lies that have come against you. I break the fear of man off of you. I break even the words of others questioning whether or not you hear God.”

For the women, “I break the fear of man off of your heads and the words from those who say you can’t move in the anointing as a woman of God.” Some of you have felt like you have had spears in your heart, “I break the power of those word curses against you right now.”

“I also break the lid off of the heads of people who are moving at half your potential, and functioning at only 30% or 40%. I break the lies of the enemy off of your heads that would cause you to operate at your bare minimum!”

Some of you need to forgive people because it is your unforgiveness that is holding you back from flying like eagles. I’m asking the Lord to start to show each of you if there are people you need to forgive and let go of. And I ask that He shows you where there is unfinished business in your life. We must forgive at the foot of the Cross.

It seems clear that this generation stands at the door of tremendous opportunity to encounter God and change our present age. It is imperative that we allow His Spirit to groom and prepare us for our responsibilities. Judgment has begun in God’s house, primarily because it is His desire to grant close encounters with Him and give us “meat in due season”

This is the “Jubilee” year, and as I was in prayer, I found myself saying, “Lord, all the foolish things I have done in my past are enough for one lifetime…please let the remaining days of my life be spent in your perfect will.”

When I prayed that heartfelt petition, I did not consciously know that I was reciting a Scripture. A day or so later, I opened my Bible to read before bed, and was surprised when it fell open to 1 Peter 4:2-3 saying,”…so as to live the rest of the time in the flesh no longer for the lusts of men, but for the will of God. For the time already past is sufficient for you to have carried out the desire of the Gentiles, having pursued a course of sensuality, lusts, drunkenness, carousals, drinking parties and abominable idolatries.”

I am sure at some point I had read this passage, but it was not at the forefront of my mind when I prayed for a line of demarcation in my life. I knew the Lord was giving the Scripture as a promise for those who genuinely assert that appeal from their hearts.


We are in a place of transition…
Jesus in the wilderness is our model.

The wilderness is a temporary but intense place. It is meant to take you from one level to the next. It is to prepare you for greater ministry.

How long you stay in the wilderness depends on your hearts attitude. Remember the children of Israel. The wilderness was meant to be a temporary place for them. but it ended up being forty years. The wilderness was only meant to be a place of transition.

I am taking you higher. I will teach you how to stand in the wilderness. You must know who you are in Me and what is written in My word. Then when the devil speaks his lies to you in the wilderness, as he did with My Son, you will say to him “It is written…”

There is another level of ministry awaiting you. Come up higher, endure the fire. There is precious gold at the end. He who has begun a good work in you will see it though until the day of Jesus Christ.

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