In God's Glory

Does hyper-grace produce good works? Let’s ask James.

Posted on: 13 April, 2014

His Grace Is Enough


There is a false impression that is given to those who preach hyper-grace that they are not concern with good works. What we are concern is this. The Law gives you many works to do but it does not produce the good works required of you. We are very concerned about good works except that is works that matter to God is produced when one  is super abounding in grace. 

I think perhaps people really have the wrong impression of the book of James. Many quote things like ‘it’s not just enough to have faith, you must have works’ or ‘even Satan believes’. Much to our surprise, they are quoted out of context.

The book of James 1stly is written to the 12 tribes of Israel. 2ndly James speaks of 2 different set of laws. The perfected law of liberty and the royal law. It is obvious what the royal…

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