In God's Glory

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My child, you’re starting to see links between seemingly unrelated situations, but you are a bit unsure if this is from Me.

It is Me. These things are surely linked. It is surfacing to lead to healing, freedom and relief. So don’t run away and don’t hide away, for I am here.


‎​When satan attacks us in a particular area, it is an indicator that this is an area of our life where God is bringing blessing or wants to use for His Kingdom. Since God is releasing new things from Heaven, the enemy will try to distract us and get us to believe that nothing is changing. This is a lie and we need to get “eyes to see” what God is doing in this time of our lives.

Ask and see if God will not keep His Word.
It is time for us to become mature into His Plan.
God has given us dreams and visions.
It’s time to start moving towards what we were shown, so He can grant us more.
Stop worrying. His Word never changes. It remains truth.

Ask Him what needs done and He will show us.
He will show us how to accomplish His Kingdom ways. Keep asking.

Ask Him and see that He will keep His Word.