In God's Glory

Father-led Life

Posted on: 12 October, 2013

Our walk with The Lord is NOT religious…
Our walk with The Lord is RELATIONAL..

We do not walk according to the rigid system of rules, regulation and laws (things that defined ourselves under “formula” and teach us how to wear, talk, act in the same religious-pattern)

Unity does not we walk in the very same pattern.. But, unity in Christ is having the “Father-led Life”….
Unity is a fruit of living in the relationship with our Abba Father..

“Father-led Life” is what Jesus told to His disciples when He gave commission to them as written in John 20:21..
“As Father sent me, I sent you”..

What we learn, Jesus expect that the same way He walks, that’s how we walk…
1. He gave Holy Spirit (John 20:22).
2. Holy Spirit will lead to what the Father do…..whatever we see the Father do, we do… How we can see the Father do? This is relational walk with our Abba Father….it’s unique to each of us…

The key is: “relational Father-led Life” by BELIEVING to the Abba Father unconditional love..
And we can live in unity with each other because of no compare and even no judgement with others.. 😇


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