In God's Glory

The GOD of Today

Posted on: 9 November, 2008

I am the God of your today.

Sometimes, you feel as if I’m the God of the past. It seems like I used
up My quota of miracles on behalf of ancient Israel and the early church;
or like all My greatest dealings with you are past.

Or, you think of Me as a God of the future. Yes, there are promises that
pertain to you. In one venue or another, there has been a pattern in the
prophetic words that you’ve received. Words like, “Soon, it hastens to
fulfillment, the answer is just around the corner,” have filled your
ears. But after a year, or two, or three, you begin to wonder if you
were mistaken in what you’ve heard. Perhaps you think I meant the words
for your son or daughter.

Child, I Am. I am not bound by your yesterdays. My power is not exhausted
by what I do for others today, or in the past. I do not give you a
prophetic word, as some would suspend a carrot before horse, to obtain
obedience from you without fulfilling My promises. I am the God of your
today. I am the God of the Yes, and Amen (2 Corinthians 1:20).

Be assured that what I have promised, I am able also to perform (Romans
4:21). So, continue to call to Me, and I will show you great and mighty
things, which you do not know (Jeremiah 33:3). Let My promises sustain
you, for I will not let your hopes be dashed (Psalms 119:116). My
prophetic word will test you, as it did Joseph, but it will come to
pass (Psalms 105:17-20).

Though My word may tarry, it does have it’s appointment time (Habakkuk


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