In God's Glory

Fix your eyes on ME

Posted on: 18 October, 2008

Child of Mine, I want you to take your eyes off of the fears and cares
of this world and put them on Me
. It is true that the world is entering
difficult season, but the many things troubling it should not be a cause
of fear to you...
You are a citizen of Heaven and your well being is not
determined or governed by the present day world situations, for I am still on My throne and I am able to supply all of your needs. Yes, dear one, I am your loving Father and I take good care of My own

I have the ability to provide for you in the midst of crisis. And I am faithful to do so…

So do not put your focus on the cares of this world; for if you do, it will trouble your spirit and cause you to live in fear…
Look instead to Me, dear one, for I am the solution to the problems

I am asking you to press in to Me, for you will find safety in the
shadow of My wings

Have I not said in My word that a thousand may fall
at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come
near you?* Don’t you think I meant what I said? Read My Word in Numbers 23:19
The truth is that I am the solution to your problems, so look expectantly to Me and press into Me–for in Me you will find peace, protection and provision…

Little one, the enemy of your soul would try to get you tied up in
worry and alarm about the cares of this world. He does so in hopes that
this will keep you from pressing into Me.

But I, LORD of hosts, say to you: PRESS IN!! DRAW NEAR!!

Remember how I took care of Israel when they were in the wilderness.
Did I not give them food to eat and water to drink–even though there
was no way in the natural for them to obtain these things?
Or look back to how I took care of Israel and his family in the time of great famine and drought. I went before them and set one of their own in place to
provide for all of their needs…
Or look at how I multiplied the widow’s oil (the one thing she had) when she was in a time of personal and economic hardship and crisis, so that she could sell it to supply her material needs…
Or look at how I multiplied the tiny portion of oil and flour to provide for Elijah and the widow and her son in the midst of a great famine and drought…

Do you still question My ability to provide for you? Then look at My
Son and at the many miracles He did
Did He not multiple bread many times, feeding thousands from what was only enough to feed a single person?
Did not not give wine at the wedding feast when the natural supply had run out?

Dear one, My resources are not limited and I am willing to provide for all of your needs–all that I ask from you love Me with all of your heart, and all of your soul and all of your mind; that you obey My commands and worship and honor Me in all you do

Dear one, I am well able to take care of you, and I want you to take your eyes off of the many problems of this world and fix them on Me
Remind yourself of My faithfulness and of My goodness and of My love
Trust in Me and you will not be disappointed

Look to Me, dear one, and fret not, for I am the solution to all that you seek, and I am here for you. Watch and see how I will show Myself mighty on your behalf.

* Psalm 91:7


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