In God's Glory

Being Left Out

Posted on: 4 October, 2008

Do not worry about being left out–
For I will bring you in with a shout.
Many will be amazed at what they see–
Because they did not keep their eyes on Me.

Walk before Me; be perfect in all your ways–
My plan is to redeem you in the future days.
You know what to do, you know what to say–
Be willing to listen to Me; be willing to obey.

I see your many faults, I see all your weaknesses
But know that I love you and there are no fences.
You have full access to Me, all you need I have–
So don’t wait alone but allow me to use My salve.

I’ve never rejected you; I’ve never left you alone–
And I have a mansion here that is your very own.
The days may seem long and difficult to bear–
But know that I love you, I am always near.


1 Response to "Being Left Out"

God is always good..
He shall continue His goodness to you…
Align your heart with Him, so you will be prosper in all the way…
God bless you

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