In God's Glory

Season of Growth

Posted on: 3 October, 2008

This is the time and the season where I am teaching My children to stand
on their own two feet
. That means that I am not holding their hands as
much as they have been used to.

In past times, I was quick to meet My own with words of encouragement,
and I was quick to give them tangible confirmations of My great love
for them. But now I am calling My own to a greater level of maturity.
That means that I am asking them to believe what I have said in My word,
and to walk in faith with less tangible evidences of My great care for
them. I have not stopped caring, I have just stopped giving them as many
immediate confirmations and encouragements, so that they have an opportunity
to stand in faith.

The times and seasons ahead will be difficult for many, and I want My own
to have an absolute assuredness down deep within their spirit that I will
continue to care for them
; that I will provide for them and that I will
be their protection and their shield. I am the God that does not change.
I have been faithful in the past and I will continue to do so in the
present and also in the future

I have not changed, but I am interacting with many of My own a bit
. Do not be surprised at this, for this a natural outcome of
growth and maturity. As a child grows and matures in the natural, their
parents treat them differently at different levels of maturity
. In the
early days, they constantly watch the child and do not allow them to
wander off on their own for even a few minutes. They are very quick to
comfort and to encourage, but they are also very quick to limit what
their little one may or may not do, and the child is not permitted to
make decisions on their own. Likewise when a child first starts to walk,
the parents hold its hand constantly. But as the child matures, it is
allowed to take steps on its own. Good earthly parents change how they
interact with their child as it grows and matures. They do not treat a
seven year old the same way they treat a toddler, nor do they treat a
teen the same way that they treat a seven year old. 

Dear one, you are growing and maturing spiritually. So do not think it
strange that My interactions with you change as well. I ask you to stand
in faith with less immediate assurances that I am here for you–but I do
not leave your side, nor do I stop taking care of you

A difficult season is coming on the face of this earth, where uncertainty
rules and men’s hearts will fail them for fear. But you are not to be ruled
by this season. You are to stand in faith and in the assuredness that I
I am faithful to take care of My own
. I may not give you as many little
encouragements as I used to each time that you face a trial. But that
is not because  I have distanced myself from you, it is because you are
growing up and I expect you to stand more often in faith.

Do not dismay when you look at the circumstances around you. Choose to
trust Me and to walk in My peace, for I have given you the ability to do
. I have not stopped caring for you, dear child. But you are growing up
and that is why I have changed how I interact with you. You may not feel
My assurances as often as you used to, but I remain just as faithful to
meet you needs as I have been in the past when you were a spiritual babe.

You may not feel Me holding your hand quite as often as you are used to,
for I am calling you to stand in faith. But I do not change; I remain
faithful to take care of you as much now as I have in the past. You are
growing up, little one, but you are not growing apart from Me. I am still
right here with you

(This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis)


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